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An Automatic Identification Solutions for businesses and industries.

Markss Infotech Limited offers innovative, cost-effective automatic identification solutions for business and industry. Customized Solutions from MARKSS represent the most innovative bar-coding products on the market today. We offer complete solutions-hardware, software & service-to help our customers to meet the challenges of dynamic & competitive business environment.

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Establish a Global Standard in Identification Solutions.

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Helping Businesses with Top Notch Identification Solutions.

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Setting Standards in Identification Solutions


Improve patient safety around your clinic with our wellbeing care arrangement...

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Now offer self-service at retail stores, provide up-to-date information...

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We provide you with the most innovative bar coding products on the market today...

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Transportation & Logistics

Regardless of what channel of distribution do you use, improve operations...

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Warehouse & Distribution

Keep inventory data accurate and up-to-date from the moment your warehouse...

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Streamlining Your Operations

Make your operations swift

Our devices, software and services empower workers to make the most of every minute, every piece of real-time data and every decision they make for your business.

An Ecosystem that works on your behalf

At Markss InfoTech we provide you with tools that get attached seamlessly into a rich ecosystem of integrated platforms that can talk to each other—and evolve to meet your needs over time.

Data that saves time

Real-time, data-fueled insights are essential. Our solutions get employees the critical information they need to take action—when, where and how they need it.

Our Team

Our expert Team Member

Our Team Members are experienced, innovative and have a futuristic perspective. All team members’ understanding is deep and have earned a very good network because of the trust that they have inspired in the industry.

Kalpesh Shah


Devang Merchant


Kirit Shah

Case Studies

Let's Checkout our All Latest Project

Label Printing, Stocking taking & Price Board Application

DMART wanted to upgrade their working to advance level, to make it efficient.

Real Time Tracking System

Large manufacturing Industry faces multifold challenges in dispatch rules for managing the right inventory.

Gel Room Digitization

The used vessel goes through 4 phases of cleaning process washing with hot water, scrubbing, rinsing & sanitizing respectively.


What People and Clients Think About Us?

In order to achieve the MARKSS Warehouse solution under SAP system with the help of Zebra Mobile Devices, Barcode Printers, Scanners etc. in -order to make quick traceability and fast product location, error free dispatch and loading, efficient stock taking, avoiding paper work, ease and speed of deliverance., you have shown true dedication and determination. Without your support, our organization could not have gone that extra mile. The time and effort that you have put in are just amazing. On behalf of the management, we would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done on warehouse management systems. The professionalism and the endless hours that your team has impresses the organization immensely with you very best for all you future endeavor.

SBL Pvt. Ltd.

We at Mahindra take the entire Production Line under Digitization mode very seriously and it forms an integral part of our strategy. We always look out for Modernization of our system and that is how MARKSS Infotech Ltd came into picture. We wanted to streamline the line Sequencing and traceability of our own matric to benchmark the processes without compromising our quality, we select Zebra Rugged Barcode Scanner / Handheld Mobile Terminal and Industrial Grade Printers for all our Assembly Line Setup. It Helped us at Macro & Micro level to maintain each assembly station with barcoded scanning.

Markss Infotech has been perfect partner for us and their team have been on their toes to solve all are queries, it is indeed an asset to our organization, keep the Good Work.

Thanks, MARKSS Team for timely support we appreciate your work


Thanks, MARKSS Team for timely support we appreciate your work.
There was requirement of product traceability across value chain, due to which we thought of approaching Markss for solutions and we came up with implementing Customized Barcode Solutions developed in SAP BSP with the help of Mobile Handheld Devices, Machine Vision Camera on Conveyer lines, Industrial Barcode printers etc. in-order to make quick product traceability and fast product location, error free dispatch and loading, efficient stock taking, avoiding paper work, ease and speed of deliverance.

It’s really great to work with you. this solution is so advanced that it is much faster and easier to work now. we used to consume a lot of time to update each and every detail. Now it’s almost like having you right here with me. I just want to tell you that you are best. It’s so simple.

Havells India Ltd.