The Symbol LS3008 rugged handheld scanner has a lightweight ergonomic design for superior productivity in light industrial, healthcare and retail environments. Designed to deliver maximum reliability and uptime, the single-board construction eliminates multiple circuit boards and connecting ribbon cables — the most common point of failure in scanners.

A multi-line rastering scan pattern eliminates the need for exact aim and positioning and a wide working range allows easy scanning. Liquid Polymer Scan Technology eliminates friction and wear, and superior motion tolerance reduces fatigue and increases productivity.





  • Single-board construction
  • Eliminates the most common point of failure: ribbon cables between multiple circuit boards.
  • IP53 sealing
  • Allows safe wipe-down and sanitization for clean manufacturing and hospital environments.
  • Wide working range, from 0 to 19 inches
  • Enables comfortable, intuitive scanning.
  • Effortless scanning of small barcodes
  • Reads symbols as small as 3 mil.
  • Scratch-resistant tempered glass exit window
  • Delivers continuously reliable scanning.
  • Superior motion tolerance
  • Enables scanning of barcodes in rapid succession, reducing fatigue.
  • Multi-line rastering scan pattern
  • Eliminates need for exact aim and positioning, capturing even tiny, stacked or poorly printed barcodes.
  • Multiple onboard interfaces including RS232, USB and keyboard wedge (KBW)
  • Simplifies integration while ensures compatibility with host/POS.
  • Remote Scanner Management (RSM) support
  • Discover, provision and upgrade devices from a central remote location.
  • Optional Intellistand
  • Toggles between hands-free and handheld modes for maximum productivity and comfort.
  • Liquid Polymer Scan element, with lifetime warranty
  • Eliminates friction and wear for superior durability and reliability.

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