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Case Study - IT asset tracking using radio frequency

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Client Name: CSM Technologies

CSM Technologies is an IT consulting, business services, software solutions developer and outsourcing company, serving clients across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with a proven track record of almost two decades.


CSM Technologies required an IT Asset Tracking solution using RFID in their office and were looking for an efficient mobility and RFID solution for their operations.

Solution Offered

  • We offered IT Asset Tracking solutions by using RFID solutions in their office.

Business Impact

  • Significantly improved reliability with tracking
  • Reduced TCO of enterprise mobility environment
  • Increased time efficiency in provisioning and management
  • Reduced scope of data loss
  • Provided maintenance of 'spreadsheets', 'clipboard' or 'tables' to update the stock information
  • Enhanced productivity by reducing paper and data re-entry