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Case Study - RFID acitve & passive & barcode based WMS

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Client Name: RIL Defense

India’s first private defense ship building and maintenance facility.


RIL DEF was facing issues of non visibility in the movement of spares from their large warehouses.

Solution Offered

  • Made several site visits and understood their prime issues of warehouse management
  • We offered Barcode, Active-Passive RFID based Warehouse Management System and HHD for RFID search
  • Implementation is yet to commence at site however RIL DEF Team was made aware about the Technology that we will be providing it to them.

Business Impact

  • Reliable and time efficient item tracking
  • Errorless issue of items
  • Efficient stock tracking
  • Alerts on every movement of important Stock making it traceable
  • Elimination of tedious manual paperwork increased Speed of delivery