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Your mobile workforce relies on mobile computers, cordless scanners and mobile printers. How well your mobile devices perform depends in great part on the batteries that charge them. When they're not working well, neither are your employees – impacting productivity, customer service and profitability. But how can you know the status of your batteries until it's too late?

Zebra gives you smart ways to preempt problems. With PowerPrecision and PowerPrecision+ batteries, you have critical intelligence about their health, while the on-device Battery Management application gives you the visibility to anticipate and avoid issues. Now, you'll know when batteries need to be charged, replaced or retired before you go to work.

PowerPrecision Batteries provide smart, convenient and flexible asset information to identify the battery used on each device. Track the total charge cycles consumed to predict the life of the battery and identify when it needs to be replaced.

PowerPrecision+ Batteries deliver the ultimate in battery data. Electronically query battery asset information, plus a wealth of battery health-related information, including impedance tracking and battery status at the time of query. Use our State-of-Health meter to perform real-time modeling of the electrical characteristics of the battery pack to compare current performance with that of a new battery.