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Quality custom-designed printer carrying cases and covers add an extra layer of protection to your Zebra mobile and desktop printers protecting against abrasion and harsh natural elements. Zebra's carrying straps help you comfortably carry and protect your mobile printer during transport. Carrying straps are specially designed for mobile printers and can be worn over the shoulder, so your hands are free for other tasks. Zebra's belt clips help you easily carry and protect your mobile printers.

How well your printer performs depends in great part on the batteries that power them. When they're not working well, neither are your employees – impacting productivity, customer service and profitability. Zebra's PowerPrecision replacement batteries ensure maximum run-time and help you get the most out of your printer's capabilities.

Zebra power adapter and charger products offer reliability and longevity for mobile printers.

Choose from a variety of printer charger products: Battery Chargers, charging cradles, wall chargers and on the road charging solutions.

Zebra printer cables will ensure fast and efficient data flow without interruption. Zebra printer cable products provide uninterrupted information flow to or from a network, computer, laptop or another printer.

Zebra printhead replacement products deliver quality, reliability and performance. The printhead is a vital printer component that creates the image on the face of the media. Worn or damaged printheads should be replaced immediately. Every Zebra genuine printhead is easy to install, and made to exacting engineering standards for continued reliability and performance from your printer.

Zebra offers a range of field installable connectivity options that will allow you to adapt to changes in your business environment. Zebra's connectivity options, including wireless networking and RFID encoding, are quick and easy to install, significantly reducing downtime and overall costs associated with

Zebra offers a range of media handling options for the industrial printer portfolio. Expand your printer capabilities if and when you need to with our field-installable media handling options. As your environment changes, you don’t have to change the printer — simply purchase what is needed and install in minutes such as a peeler or a cutter.

Zebra printer mount kits give you the flexibility to securely attach a printer on a wall, or on any vehicle, such as forklifts, trucks and fleet automobiles. Some kits include fanfold media bins. Vehicle printer mount kits provides secure storage for mobile printers and feature:

  • Flexible mount options
  • Convenient access and release
  • Heavy-duty shock and vibration protection

A platen roller is a vital printer component that helps create the optimum amount of pressure to drive labels through the printer, ensuring clean and crisp printouts. Zebra platen rollers and platen roller repair kits will help ensure continued top-notch printer performance and avoid costly downtime. A worn or damaged platen roller should be replaced or repaired immediately.

A media adapter guide helps prevent "media drift." Media guide products help your valuable media track through the printer more precisely and are expressly designed for a variety of Zebra high-performance and midrange printers. Zebra edge guides work with snap plates to ensure proper media alignment.

TrueType scalable font packs provide unlimited point size flexibility, improved print quality and support for corporate image standards. TrueType fonts enable usage of non-Roman or other international character sets. TrueType fonts support English, Cyrillic, East European, Turkish, Greek and Icelandic. International fonts support Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai.

The keyboard display unit (KDU) connects directly to a Zebra printer and is compatible with most Zebra EPL and ZPL desktop, high performance, and industrial or commercial printers.