About Markss Infotech

Markss Company Profile

Who we are?

Markss Infotech Limited offers innovative, cost-effective automatic identification solutions for business and industry. Customized Solutions from MARKSS represent the most innovative bar coding products on the market today. We offers complete solutions-hardware, software & service-to help our customers to meet the challenges of dynamic & competitive business environment.

We provides a complete suite of applications that leverage the efficiency, accuracy & ease of use associated with automatic identification technology. These applications enhance business control of mission critical resources and activities, including Inventory, Business assets, Work in progress, Supply chain management, Vision system and Human resources. Each application can be implemented with hand-held devices as a portable automatic identification solution with complete data synchronization. And to help meet the information needs and scalability requirements of the thriving enterprise, all applications in the "MARKSS" portfolio can be easily integrated with other enterprise applications.

Our Philosophy

Our clients should know us, as a supplier they can trust with technology to lead them into the future. Our system is based on our clients' real needs, not the latest industry fad or buzzword. We offer solutions that make sense for our customers, now and in the future.

Our Mission

To develop, implement & maintain real-time enterprise systems that meet and/or exceed our customers' expectations, thereby keeping our promises and commitments, and providing the foundation for long-term partnerships. We are dedicated to promoting continuous improvement for our customers. Our customers benefits from the most advanced technology to take them into the future & help them effectively manages and grow their operations.

Our Solutions

MARKSS has developed & implemented various software solutions integrated or independent of the hardware. Being in sync with equipment manufacturer & the customer, our software solutions are built for the ease of use, keeping in mind the operational user and the IT infrastructure of the organization.

Our customers appreciate that MARKSS’s software can be implemented in various degrees from a simple data collection solution to a full blown Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Life Cycle Management or Asset Tracking System interfaced to leading ERP / Enterprise Systems. In conjunction with our applications, MARKSS offers UID/direct part mark readers, vision verification systems, lasers and RFID solutions.

MARKSS has hundreds of Industrial, Government, Retail, Healthcare, and FMCG customers utilizing its’ Data Collection, UID, Asset Management, Product Life Cycle, MES, and Warehouse Management applications and is considered the leader in marking, identifying, tracking, and data management solutions.