With Zebra's maximum rugged specifications, the DS3500-ER Series of full-range scanners can handle whatever comes its way. The DS3500-ER Series allows you to scan different types of barcodes across a wide range of distances — from near contact to as far as 30 feet away. Workers can also hold the trigger down to continuously scan items. It doesn’t matter how well lit an area is — the DS3500-ER Series can read barcodes in darkness or in bright sunlight. Indoors and outdoors, you can drop it on concrete, cover it in dust or grease and continuously obtain the same reliable results.





  • Two models
  • DS3508-ER corded and DS3578-ER cordless Bluetooth® Class II , Version 2.1 models to fit your application needs
  • Maximum scanning range
  • Full range scanner captures from near contact to over 30 ft./9.14 m
  • Scans 1-D and 2-D barcodes
  • TFlexibility to capture the barcodes in use today — and tomorrow
  • Maximum rugged design
  • IP65; 6.5 ft./2m drop to concrete; 2,000 revolutions (4,000 hits) in Zebra's tumble drum; dual frictionless fixed sensor design
  • Superior motion tolerance
  • Protects productivity — no wait times between trigger pulls
  • FIPS 140-2 validated
  • Secures the most sensitive data and enables compliance with a myriad of industry regulations (cordless models only)
  • Omni-directional
  • No need to line up scanner and barcode
  • Superior decode capability
  • Captures barcodes under multiple layers of shrinkwrap as well as codes that are damaged, scratched or dirty
  • Scan in darkness or in bright sunlight
  • Maintain productivity in any lighting
  • Continuous scanning mode
  • Depress and hold trigger to keep scanning — no pausing between scans
  • Advanced data formatting
  • Enables sophisticated formatting of scanned data before it is sent to the host, eliminating the high cost of modifying your host application

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