Regardless of whether you are a small or medium-sized business, or in an emerging market, or if your field workforce is repairing equipment, writing sales or picking up and delivering shipments, they all have one thing in common — they are your daily touch point with your customers. How fast and how well they perform their jobs directly impacts your revenue, customer satisfaction, customer retention — and the cost of your labor pool.

The MC45 is the affordable way to give your workers the real-time information they need to get the job done right, right on the spot, preventing lost sales — and lost customers. Your workers get the sleek consumer styling and one-handed operation they expect, along with the features, durability, security and manageability your business demands..





  • True field durability
  • The MC45 is built for life out in the field, able to handle drops, bumps, spills, dust, vibration and the thermal shock that often occurs as workers travel from a climate controlled vehicle to the outdoors.
  • Advanced 1-D scanning technology
  • Our industry-leading 1-D scan engine with Adaptive Scan™ technology makes scan-intensive tasks easy — a broad scanning range allows the easy capture of barcodes from near contact to as far as 15 ft./4.5 m away, even if they are dirty, damaged or poorly printed.
  • GPS services in more areas
  • Workers can count on dependable GPS access to real-time directions and geostamps that automatically capture information for applications — even in challenging urban areas, dense foliage or inside buildings.
  • 'Inside-outside' wireless connectivity
  • Keep workers connected out on the road and in the office with 3.5G GSM HSDPA cellular and 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi.
  • Built-in support for OS-agnostic applications
  • Support for RhoMobile suite enables development of HTML5-based OS-agnostic applications, substantially reducing application development time and costs — a single application can run on multiple devices with different operating systems.

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