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To automate the activities of Retailers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Traders a comprehensive IT solution is designed specifically. The system is designed to help retailers will involve in the process of making correct merchandising decisions using accurate and timely data. The system also helps organizations to control their inventory and prices, manage trends, and build customer loyalty. The system has a user-friendly interface that has the potential to operate the total enterprise and manage information. It covers Complete Customer Management, POS, Supply Chain, Inventory Reporting, Product database, etc. It is a Complete MIS tool for Retail business management excluding financial accounting.

SQL Server database provides solid platform & secured data

  • Compatible with all commonly available POS hardware's
  • Access restriction option to restrict users to access certain entry/reports
  • Multiple billing counters can be created
  • Automatic billing using barcodes for reduced human errors and super fast checkouts
  • Cash & Credit sale management
  • Compatibility with common hardware like cash-drawer, scanner, printer etc.
  • Item wise discount and total discount option during billing
  • Capable of handle thousands of Items efficiently
  • Flexible classification of items in to multiple categories, departments and brands