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The system Track and Trace the current and past locations of a product. Barcode technology is a very cost-effective method however RFID is more effective than Barcode but along with this, there is a cost required to implement RFID. This Track and trace IT solution comes with Barcode as well as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Some crucial models are used to trace the transportation of the items incorporating radio-recurrence identification (RFID) and standardized tags. Track and Trace arrangements take care of the appropriation and congruence of a wide scope of items. It boosts finding the present and past area of the object of intrigue. Additionally, updation has occurred in the item review process for the advancement of programming, equipment.

Key Result of Track & Trace system

  • Paperless & system-driven transactions increase accuracy
  • Reduced human errors & add speed to complete operation.
  • Cloud readiness provides a modern interface to suit large manufacturers & provide them integration with existing WMS/MES.
  • Quick dashboard to provide inventory level across the supply chain.

Advantages of Track & Trace system

  • Unique Identification on each product.
  • Centralized Stock Visibility.
  • Accurate Batch quantity
  • Traceability of shortage / missing product in between the supply chain.
  • Advance shipment notification of the dispatch of goods.
  • Digitized Material Inward/ Outward results in Stock Accuracy.
  • Real-time reporting of short supplies.
  • Correct & Real-time Summary Report