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In every organization, the spread of viruses, bacteria is always a threat. VMS helps to avoid the shared usage of accessories such as pens, registers, etc. This system helps to stop the spread of the virus. VMS maintains the unified data. The system can also be accessed in just a few clicks and maintain for a longer period. Recording activities such as Ins and OUTs of people helps in data visibility with less effort.

Professional VMS could be placed instead of manual registers would improve the organization's image. It will provide information about the identity, location, reason and time of a visitor. Unnecessary Investment for manual registers and time to collect the data, these pace for keeping the physical copy of data will reduce.

Key Benefits of Visitor Management Solution

  • Avoid the spread of virus by replacing manual registers
  • Enhance compliance
  • Strengthen security
  • Reduced the operating cost
  • Manage emergency evacuations
  • Centralized data
  • Better brand image

Advantages of Visitor Management Solution

  • Preregistration by the host to reduce the registration time during check in
  • Take photos for identification
  • Secure QR code sign in
  • POS machine enabled with built-in printers to print pass
  • Instant email, SMS notifications
  • Print visitor badges
  • View visitor activity reports for a period of time
  • Send emergency SMSs
  • Block list and Watch list
  • User friendly dashboard to get visitor statistics at a glance