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Work in progress system is an essential part of lean manufacturing. It provides information as a visual indicator that reflects the level of waste a system contains.

This solution includes the set a wider scope of unfinished items for products in a production process. Items that are not yet completed, are either only being fabricated or waiting in a queue for further processing. This is used in production and supply chain management

Key Results of WIP

  • Greater Visibility & Accuracy of Raw Material and Production Parts.
  • Auto-ID technology and manufacturing work-in-process visibility can help you with materials management functions within the assembly plant—from body shop to end-of-line testing.
  • Help reduce downtime and increase on-time delivery with RFID or other Auto-ID readers that trigger replenishment by automatically signaling when containers are empty.
  • Support parts sequence verification from receiving to final assembly line delivery by tagging items, cases or pallets.
  • Deliver virtual real-time visibility and increase quality by automatically tracking work-in-progress status on semi-finished assembly through the production process.
  • Help reduce mistakes with assembly process verification and alerts when semi-finished items or batches are routing to the wrong manufacturing cell.
  • Speed urgent production orders with priority identification and alerting.
  • Continuous improvement in quality
  • Cost is reduced
  • Elimination of waste
  • Manufacturing time is cut down
  • Better productivity
  • Lower Work in progress
  • Better supplier relationships
  • Cost efficient production
  • Defect free output

Advantages of WIP

  • Real time Traceability
  • Easy to identify failures of product at each stages.
  • Increase the productivity.
  • Helps the management to take corrective action to avoid continuous failures.
  • Ease of information management.
  • Works orders are tracked through the production process using shop floor data collection terminals, providing costs and times for jobs.
  • Captures in-process quality control data, live, on the shop floor.
  • Provides a complete audit trail and quality control results detailing who worked on what and when.
  • Displays specific, detailed work instructions at each step in the manufacturing process.
  • Provides lot control and complete inventory batch or part history.
  • Provides real-time shop floor management data for scheduling and purchasing.
  • Illustrates real-time visibility of all shop floor activity for management.
  • Supports seamless handling of re-work and scrap, including lot control.
  • Provides real-time bar-coded driven employee time tracking and inventory movement.
  • Enables the company to go completely paperless.