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Temperature Monitoring & Sensing

The technology that will provide the information to make sure about the integrity and
cost-effectiveness of vaccines, biologics, and food products during storage

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Monitoring is a new precautionary measure

Our temperature monitoring and sensing devices, provide the insights you need to help you ensure the integrity and cost effectiveness of vaccines, biologics and food products during storage, shipping and handling, and utilisation. We offer a wide variety of temperature monitoring and sensing devices. Our ISO-certified quality systems align with your expectations of high quality and reliability.

Using inadequate devices to monitor the temperature of vaccines, biologics and food can slow workflows, burden personnel and increase costs and the potential for errors. Zebra offers proven solutions that make temperature monitoring easier to increase efficiencies and accelerate your workflows with best practices in monitoring biological products. Our indicators for temperature-sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical devices support a wide range of applications and use cases.

The exponential increase in temperature sensitive items and shipments, combined with an increase in regulation and consumer awareness, has made efficient and effective temperature monitoring throughout the supply chain more important than ever.

Zebra Electronic ZS300 Sensors, together with the ZB200 Bridge, APIs, Developer Tools and Zebra Savanna™ cloud data platform, give you a higher level of continuous visibility into temperature and location data within the supply chain. This connected, reliable solution enables you to identify and analyze temperature excursions and act upon them in near real time to maximize productivity, reduce waste, and ensure quality and compliance.


Quality and Regulatory Compliance The combined operation of the ZS300 Sensor, the ZB200 Bridge and the Android Sensor Discovery App, provides accurate temperature and location data continuously in near real time and enables the creation of reports to help maintain quality and compliance.
Purpose-Driven Innovation Empower your frontline, operations, quality and regulatory workers with higher visibility of temperature exposure and its location so that they can take immediate action.
Reliable Data Integrability with Trusted Security The solution enterprise-level data platform is designed with a security layer that ensures secure connections to block unauthorized access, prevent data manipulation and provide encrypted data transmissions to help you defend against security breaches.
Enviromentally Friendly Solution The reusable sensors, sold in multipacks using minimized biodegradable packaging, support your sustainability goals. Zebra’s unique no-cost sensor recycling program makes environmental responsibility simple and easy. Request a pick-up and used sensors are collected and broken down for recycling. Less than 1% of the product reaches a landfill. Recycling provided by SIMS Lifecycle Services.
Accurate Information for Confident Decision Making Powered by Zebra Savanna centralized cloud platform, the solution gives you access to dependable data throughout the entire supply chain, whether in your control or not, with accurate and timely notifications of temperature compromised shipments so you can take proactive action.