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We provide complete RFID solutions that are tailored to your application and include pre-tested RFID labels and tags created with the proper materials and adhesives, also the best inlays and chips. Choose from the broadest selection of components that are in stock, or let us manufacture a solution to suit your application's need. With RFID Labels & Tags, your company can fully profit from RFID.


  • Transportation & logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Health-care
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Warehouse
  • Field Mobility

Used For

  • Supply chain and inventory management
  • Asset and personnel tracking
  • Logistics
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting
  • Real-time location systems (RTLS) using 3D orientation insensitive design
  • Gate and perimeter access control
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare
  • Entertainment and travel
  • Apparel and retail