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Case Study - Gel Room Digitization

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Client Name: ACG - Associated Capsules

Associated Capsules Pvt Ltd. is the world's largest manufacturer of hard shell capsules for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical purposes.


A used vessel goes through 4 phases of the cleaning process: hot water wash, scrubbing, rinsing, and sanitizing. Each phase has a pre-defined duration and standard operating procedure.

Some users face issues with vessels skipping any of the 4 phases and consequently getting unclean vessels for the plant.

Solution Offered

  • By using UHF-based RFID system & components we helped the customer in tracking the vessel cleaning process stage-wise by recording in time and out time, taken for each process along with the technician (who cleans the vessel) details and the previous job details for which the vessel was used.
  • The tracking is done through an online system & respective data is updated at the backend system in real-time.

Business Impact

  • The technician is compelled to follow and keep track of the complete process
  • Accurate time tracking for vessel washing
  • Automated label generation for cleaned vessels with traceable details
  • Real-time data updation at the backend database
  • Achieving data accuracy and time efficiency