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Yes, getting reliable RFID is now accessible, practical, and within reach. Get it into the office then you can
create a platform that connects every system, device, tag and worker.

The coherent and trustworthy RFID is now easily accessible.

The long-awaited potential of consistent and reliable RFID is here and within reach. Unlike other players we give you the broadest, field-proven RFID portfolio for unmatched accuracy and interoperability. Connect it all and create a platform that elevates every system, device, tag and worker. RFID is complex and can be unreliable if not done right.

Reliable RFID is not only possible, it’s now practical and within reach. Transform your business and get ahead of competitors. Prepare to reveal opportunities hidden in plain sight and act on them in real-time. By relying on our field-proven portfolio, you'll achieve maximum RFID gains, while minimising the pains associated with poorly engineered solutions.

Now you’re in command, but not on your own. With an ecosystem of support and partners to guide you, the way forward is clear and pain-free. Like barcode technology, RFID Scanner recognizes locations and identification of tagged items but instead of reading laser light reflections from printed barcode labels, it leverages low-power radio frequencies to collect and store data.