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Case Study - Havells - Real Time Tracking System

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Client Name: Havells

Havells India Ltd is one of the largest electrical equipment companies in India.


  • Large manufacturing Industry faces challenges in dispatch rules, managing inventory, dispatching correct material, ability to track material, abiding rules for storage of materials etc.
  • Warehouse In Charge has to take care of optimum workforce and tracking the work status of warehouse employees. From an IT standpoint, the solution should be user friendly, easy to maintain and no issues on integrating with the backend ERP.

Solution Offered

  • Web Application for all operations (including barcode printing)
  • Hand Held web application for scanning production lines and in warehouses
  • Automatic SAP integration with Maventic solution.
  • Centralized viewing of multiple branch transfers, receipts & stock scanning.
  • Solution to manage Semi Finished goods, Finish goods, and Warehouse
  • Automated Scanner Based RLM (Retailer last mile) online verification for retailer loyalty points.

Business Impact

  • Availability of Industry Process and Technical Experts
  • Lower cost of Implementation and Maintenance with high reliability
  • Reduced time with Ready-to-use tracking Solutions